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Nós produzimos software!

Our mission.

We want to design software that comfortably guides users from start to finish. Life in the digital world can be challenging and frustrating. We want to show our customers the sunny side of the software: intuitive, logical and engaging. That's why we are constantly in contact with you, our customers, to adapt our software to your needs.


our dindroid team
Anderson Menezes Santos | Tel: 011-97399-5031

Creator and developer of dindroid with a single goal of creating the best software today.

Amanda Malena, HR  |  Tel: 011-97399-5031

Contributor of our Dindroid services.

Gedilza Paulino , Chief Financial Officer  |  Tel: 011-97399-5031

Dindroid Financial Collaborator

Flavio Silva,  Disclosure Director  |  Tel: 011-97399-5031

Collaborator in the dissemination of the  Dindroid

Avaliação da Mídia

Pack Advanced plus                                            -

"Conheça o Pack Plus, um conjunto de ferramentas especiais para manutenção preventiva em computadores e completo para pós-formatação. Tudo reunido em um só lugar para você que trabalha como T.I."

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