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Screenshot - Program to Take Print from PC Screen


Screenshot Highlights
- Tool to Take Print from PC Screen

Full Screen or Part of Screen Print

You will be able to freely choose the part of the screen you want to print: small or large, full screen or just a little icon in an image – it's up to you. Take a print of everything or just the details, the choice is 100% yours.


Supports Screen Scroll Prints

Screenshot guarantees that you will take a screenshot exactly the way you imagined it. The function to print content that is outside your monitor's viewing area via screen scroll will be added soon.


Take Prints to Clipboard or Save Direct to Disk

Screenshot supports saving your prints to clipboard or straight to disk. This way, you will save time no matter what use you make of the print.


Free to Print Screen

Screenshot provides a high quality service but totally free. There is no cost, you only need 1-click to download!


Easy to use

The intuitive visual interface simplifies use so that every step in the program is clear and straightforward. You'll become a Screenshot pro in a minute!

Free Print Making Program

Get Free PC Screen Prints with Flexibility and Quality

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