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On Time

On Time is a digital clock for Windows that will help keep you informed of the time and never miss your appointments, due to a useful alarm with sounds in WAV to let you know the right time.


A new watch for your computer

The Application is completely free and in Portuguese, which are two more good reasons, besides the alarm clock, for you to customize the old standard Windows clock.


In options you have an easy access to the On Time application functions such as Clock, Alarm clock and Stopwatch

Alarm clock

In Alarm clock you can program with hour and minute when you want it to wake up.


In Stopwatch you can time anything from system boot time to recording audio or video.

User manual

Main screen

On the main screen you can listen to your favorite songs by creating your custom playlist by clicking the play button 


To adjust the music volume just use the keys  "^" up to increase volume is "v" key down to decrease volume use "____" key space to (Pause \ Play) of your music!


In Options you can customize your On Time with the colors you think best for your look.

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